Monday, June 25, 2012

Prayer for Hope, Strength, and Knowledge

Give me O Lord, I pray Thee
firm faith, unwavering hope
perfect charity.
Pour into my heart
the Spirit of wisdom and understanding
the Spirit of counsel and spiritual strength
the Spirit of knowledge and true godliness
and the Spirit of Thy holy fear
Light eternal, shine in my heart
Power eternal, deliver me from evil
Wisdom eternal, scatter the darkness of my ignorance
Might eternal, pity me
Grant that I may ever seek Thy face
with all my heart and soul and strength;
and, in thine infinite mercy,
bring me at last to Thy holy presence
where I shall behold Thy glory
and possess Thy promised joys. Amen

Prayer for Healing and Strength

God our loving Father, sometimes a cloud of depression and discouragement hangs over us, and we don't know what to do about it, Everything seems difficult and nothing seems to make any difference in how we feel. Other people irritate us, and we find it hard to do our work and participate in our classes and other activities. Help those of us ho feel depressed, O God. Bring healing, and give them the strength to ask for help. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord. Amen.

Blessing for Schools

Eternal God
Bless all schools, colleges, and universities,
especially St. Robert HS,
that they may be lively centers for sound learning,
new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom;
and grant that those who teach and those who learn
may find you to be the source of all truth;
through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.